I’m a `generalist’ with very wide interests including:

1. Computers and Internet .I was chief designer and CEO for ADM: The Knowledge Management Desktop and will be CEO and chief designer for a forthcoming company which will produce QuickBrain, an AI and web-based program which will enable users to create, capture, organize and reorganize all of their information at lightning speeds, and far more powerfully than is possible with existing systems such as Evernote or OneNote. I also avidly follow various hi-tech in emerging technologies such as internet of things (IOT), artificial intelligence (AI), Nano Technology, and  Robots.

2. Study and application of the Human Sciences. My degree is in anthropology and sociology, and I’ve been involved in the study and practical application of psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, comparative religion, economics, and philosophy for many years.

3. Total Development of The Human Being. Methods for healing and developing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of human beings are another long-time personal interest and intellectual area for me. I have by now studied, used, or at least `touched on’, literally hundreds of methods and systems in this area. Qi Gong, Primal therapy, aerobic exercise, resistance training, and brain-tuning technology, are some of the methods I am currently working with in my own life.

4. The Enhancement of Human Creativity and Intellectual Functioning. Enhancement of human creativity is of great interest to me, and I have been involved in study and use of theoretical models and practical methods in this area for many years. The use of memory palaces and concept linking to enhance my ability to memorize things, and ; Edward De Bonno s `Lateral Thinking,, Ronald W. Reinhold Creative Genius For Everyone’ and the `Precision Method’ of Grinder and McMaster are some of my current favorites in this area.

5. Political and Business Management and Organization. I have co-founded or been CEO of four small the software, online HR recruiting, Health and other fields. I have special expertize in business development. marketing and copywriting, e-business and e-marketing, and have also worked as a socialist political organizer; and co-founded two socialist political movements in Canada. I also co-ordinated a legal defense fund for which defended poor people and political activists; and co-founded and co-ordinated the `Vancouver Dialogic Discussion Space. I was also chief co-ordinator of the Chiapas Alert Network which defended the Mayan people of Chiapas state of Mexico from the right-wing death squads which menaced them in the late 1990’s.
I am interested in, and have made a study of, social scientific, philosophical, and leading-edge contemporary business management approaches to the management and organization of human endeavors. I have founded or co-founded a number businesses in the software, online HR recruiting, and other fields

6. The Seven Paths of Liberation. The `Seven Paths of Liberation’is a phrase I coined to encapsulate the seven ways human beings have sought to liberate themselves and their world. These Seven Paths of Liberation are (not in order of importance): 1) the human potential movement; 2) the movements for progressive social change; 3) religion and spirituality; 4) feminism; 5) ecology; 6) progressive art; and 7) progressive science. I have had, and continue to have, both a practical and a theoretical-intellectual relationship to each of these paths. My pamphlet `The Seven Paths of Liberation: Foundation of Future Progress is available free to interested people.

7. Interpersonal Communication Skills. This is an area I have studied for many years. I have also developed my own system for `Stewardship communication skills’. This system involves methods which assist people: to listen to one another; to understand one another; to compassionately empathize with one another; and to find `mutual behavioral adjustments’ through which they can best promote one another’s optimum being.

8. Journalism and Writing. I have been formally trained in journalism and have worked as a journalist. I have also produced advertising, essays, political pamphlets. I am currently a regular contributor to Global Times and ChinaDaily, the leading Chinese english language newspapers with a daily combine world wide readership of 40 million. I also write at times for Rt (Russia Today Global News Service ) which is the most popular news service in Facebook and second to the BBC in England; Canadian global research ( ) and other media.

9 Song-writing and Magic: I aspired to be a professional magician when I was a teenager and I still enjoy pulling tricks on my friends, colleagues, and students. I also occasionally write songs and play the guitar badly.