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Wechat: ericsommer520


Resume of Eric Sommer

Highly-Qualified Scientific and Technical editor, University level English Instructor, International Journalist, and Web developer with 17 yrs experience Available Now for Online, Offline, or temporary Work..

Work Experience

Part-time Scientific Technical Editor

Neuro-Science lab at Beijing University – Beijing, CN 2020 to Present

Beijing University, the top university in China, editor for neuro-science papers to be   published in international scientific journals such as Nature I also worked here full-time in 2015-2016, I’m also a university-level English instructor and international journalist published in leading   periodicals.

Co-founder, Website Developer, and Part-time Manager of Corona Medical Supplies Company https://coronamedicalsupplies.co

Corona Medical Supplies Company coronamedicalsupplies.co – Shenzhen 2020 to Present

I develop and manage the company website and all of its medical-device content, and I also help with management, outreach to new clients, and strategic direction

Part-tme Chief technical Editor and Writer Bio-Neuroscience lab at Beijing University – Beijing 2015 to Present

Beijing university and related company from Hong Kong, including editing of complex technical reports on brain cell research for publication in international scientific journals; also conceptualizing policy proposals and preparing them in submissions for important Hong Kong committees concerned with the ‘New Silk

Road Project; development of Hong Kong as a ‘Smart City;and on other topics.

International Journalist (Archive: https://ericsommer.contently.com Chinadaily.com.cn, Globaltimes.cn,Rt.com (Russia Today Global News Service ), Canadian global research news service globalresearch.ca – Tianjin

2007 to Present

Contributor of research-based articles on social, political, and information technology subjuects

Chief Operating Officer (COO)and Website Developer

https://infatech.world – Beijing, CN 2018 to 2020

COO at Infatech technology company in Beijing https://infatech.world

Instructor and Editor Preparing Students to study outside China in universities

Online English – Tianjin 2017 to 2018

English Instructor

Central Link school – Beijing, CN 2016 to 2016

Freelance Editor

Online English 2014 to 2014

Editor and Tutor

Instructor for Teaching Methodology

Fanshang City – Fangshan, CN 2011 to 2011

Taught western teaching methodology for the Fanshang city education department to public school teachers in Fangshan.

University English Instructor

Shandong University of Finance – Jinan, Shandong Province 2008 to 2009


2008-2009 – taught Oral English and Writing skills to Finance Students.

University English and U.S. History Instructor

GUCAS (Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Science) – Beijing, CN 2007 to 2008

Taught writing and oral English skills to Masters and Phd science students.

Business English Instructor; Oral English Instructor International Studies University in Beijing. (北京第二外国语学院) – Beijing, CN 2006 to 2007

2006-2007 – served as business English instructor; oral English instructor; business English instructor; and academic writing instructor for masters degree students at International Studies University in Beijing. (北京第二外国语学院)

2006 – edited English-language version of famous book ‘A Girl Who Inspired a

Nation’ (花枝俏)for use by the Minister of Tourism of the Chinese government at an international conference on tourism.

University English Instructor

Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Beijing, CN 2005 to 2006

Taught English in China’s leading University for Chinese Medicine


Academic Writing Instructor and Oral English Teacher

Sinopec Oil Management Institute – Beijing, CN 2005 to 2006

Taught Writing skills to managers of China’s largest oil company

President and Chief Designer

Advanced Data – B.C 2000 to 2006

Managed and was chief designer and brought to market . the knowledge management computer program: ‘ADM: The Knowledge Management Desktop’.

Founder and Manager

So San city – Su San 2001 to 2003

Founder and CEO of Mykoreanjob recruiting company in Seoul which recruited 60 foreign ESL teachers for South Korean schools


Class Instructor Advanced Data 2002 to 2002

2002- edited special edition of English language newspaper prepared by the city government of Seoul for tourists attending the World Soccer Cup which was held in Korea that year.

Co Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Asia jobs Recruiting Service 2000 to 2000

utilizes advanced internet marketing and technologies to recruit an average of

25 teachers per month for placement in conversational English schools throughout Korea.)

1999-2000 Taught English in Top school in Chon Ju, South Korea.

Chief Coordinator and Spokesperson of the Chiapas Alert Network

Canadian NGO – Vancouver, BC 1996 to 1999

Co-ordinator of campaign to defend the human rights of the Mayan Indigenous people of Chiapas State of Mexico,

Vancouver Coordinator

Canadian NGO 1998 to 1998

1997 Co inventor, with Arne Hermann of Synercom-EDI, of ADM (Advanced Data Management) information management software model.

Subtle Energy Researcher

Canadian NGO 1997 to 1997

Co-founder and CEO China Access Corporation 1994 to 1996

Worked with Dr.

Henry Chen of Shanghai China to connect western world venture capital with investment opportunities in mainland China).

1988-1992 Worked with Arne Hermann, of Synercom-EDI software on a general Inquiry software program.

Co Founder and CEO

1987 to 1988

of SoftSave (Mailorder software rental company employing 25 people).

Coordinator of Vancouver Dialogic Discussion Space

1984 to 1986

focused on methods of human liberation such as human potential movement, feminism, ecology, religion. progressive social change, art, and science).

1980-1986 Earning degree with extra credits (see education).

bail and legal services for political activists and poor people)



Bachelors degree(s) in Anthropology and Sociology and 15 years independent study with anthropologist and philosopher Dr. Stuart Piddock in both Anthropology and sociology

Simon Fraser University – Vancouver, BC 1983 to 1999


Dr. Stuart Piddocke of University of British Columbia and Simon 1988 to 1998

Anthropology and Sociology

Simon Fraser University 1987


  • KnowledgeManagement

  • Writing Skills (10+years)

  • SoftwareTesting

  • Journalism (10+years)

  • I”ma skillful website developer (3 years)

  • I’mknowledgeable regarding alternative methods of personal development (10+ years)




Additional Information

I have an exceedingly wide range of projects and interests which are listed and briefly described on my personal website at ericsommer.world

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